The Sims Games

  • Monday, Dec 12, 2022

Welcome to Loving Touch Designs, our creative website for the Sims games. How would you like to build your own home, create your life, choose your family, and even determine your destiny? That’s exactly what this website can help you do through its video game designs. You’ll be able to build a life in the Sims game while enjoying the best free designs for all you need for the game.

The Sims game is one of the most popular video games of all time. It was originally released in 2000 and now has over 30 million players. Would you like to swap the real word for a virtual one? The Sims game makes that possible through countless scenarios that can be tailored to suit you. We’ve enjoyed playing the game and thought it would be nice to render the creation of your dream life easier. Here, you can get everything you need to come up with your virtual life.

Essentially, one thing most people would like to own someday is a house. The Sims game is an acceptable way to start picturing that dream house through one of our designs. If you have All Expansion Packs, the suburban elegance house can be good for you. Its floor plan is adapted from a real house and all furniture and objects required can be downloaded from our site. In all, there are six houses to choose from under our suburban elegance options. If you prefer a Victorian-style home, you’re more than welcome to pick one from the 3 possible settings. Otherwise, you may find your choice among one of the two Italianate houses in our gallery.

For many people, the kitchen is the most important part of a house and if you’re going to make it a home, it’s likely you’ll be spending lots of time in it. In our kitchen design section, you’ll find basic workspaces with pantries, counters, and other kitchen equipment. The type of furniture you should download must be suitable for the space dedicated to your kitchen. A small kitchen may need just a few highchairs near a counter while a bigger one can take a work/dining table in addition to several chairs. The designs for your kitchen can be made of different colors with a little unique touch. Should you come across any design you’ll like to use in your Sims kitchen, click on the corresponding image and save it on your device. You can visit the Kitchen page to choose from the different types of kitchen settings: spring, elegant, pastel, or ultimate.

Next up, we’ll go for the living room. To make your Sims home welcoming to family and friends, you will be pleased to discover that we’ve got living room designs made using 3D meshes and inspired by popular classic furniture. You could combine different craftsman furniture delivered in several colors and sizes. There’s a living room composed of a five-step bookshelf, a small table, and a three-step bookshelf. Another option is the all-white oak living room made of a sideboard, two sofas, three coffee tables, and a table high having some space for books. Furniture designs for your Sims living room can bring more life to your home via a wide variety of wood tones.

After a long and busy day in your Sims life, it will be a good idea to get a cool place to freshen up and relax. Here’s where the bath and its accessories come in. Our spring designer collection can offer two styles of bathtubs and showers. These are delivered in 20 different colors to let your creativity work its best. A few other pieces of furniture in this collection include a toilet, a linen closet, a medicine cabinet, and a sink. Should you want something out of the ordinary for your bath, we’ve also got a few options that combine a spa and a bath. These are mainly made of toilets, a tub, a counter, floor and ceiling lights, shelves, and blinds. You can equally render the space more friendly by downloading our plant designs for your bath. Images are also delivered in several colors for you to choose from. There’s equally a possibility for you to include a spa in your Sims dream house. We’ve designed numerous pieces of furniture including a hot tub, a massage table, wall and illuminated mirrors, a counter, and a locker.

For your bedrooms, you can click on the bed section to visit the various designs we have. The love bed sets bring an end table, a superstar armoire, and a large bed. In another bedroom set, you can get a red and white bed set or a redwood bedroom. A few objects to download here include a bed, a bookcase, a table lamp, a dresser, and a chair.

The fun continues out of the house with exterior objects. Not long ago, we uploaded images for the creation of maxis-match patios. The very first thing to look out for is the garden benches made with brick-like components. There’s also a grill for spending some time outdoors with friends. Should you forget your grills on fire, the smoke alarm will be helpful in alerting you. To beautify your exterior, we’ve got numerous stucco build objects like garden lights, arches, and chess deco. There are also window designs in addition to more stucco designs to fill up your outdoor space. Patio wall and floor sets made of bricks or wood have also been designed to match your windows. You can equally add up flowers to your wall deco.

We’ve also thought of your everyday looks. Under the Skins section, you’ll find formal outfits, swim wears, winter clothes, and casual wear. You can equally get classy with fashion outfits. These dressing styles come in three skin tones and can be downloaded to personalize your Sims experience even more.

In addition to the above, our miscellaneous section has a variety of objects and furniture that you may like to include in your Sims house. These include kitchen curtains, plants, paintings, and rugs.

Since its first release, each game of the Sims Series has offered endless possibilities for creating the perfect virtual life. Each installment comes with eight or more expansion packs that can inspire lovers of this video game. So far, the series has three titles released in 2004, 2009, and 2014, excluding the original one. Early in 2022, the Sims 4 had major updates and content modifications. On the 18th of October 2022, the game was made free to play. This may be good timing to get started with the download of components of your dream life right here.